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Klamsagervej 23
8230 Åbyhøj
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Today’s students are more collaborative than ever in their approach to learning
They also consume information in a much more fluid, on-demand way. This learning revolution underpins our mission to radically transform the way world-class textbook content is packaged and delivered, making it more accessible, collaborative and powerful.
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Lix makes it easy to give multiple lecturers access to selected titles
You decide who should have access and how long the access should last.
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Making your content available for sale on Lix is completely free. We don’t apply a setup fee or any monthly charges.
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Content delivery security

Protecting all digital content hosted on and distributed via the Lix platform from tampering is crucial to our core business and that of our publishing partners.
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Content quotation security

The Lix Security Model is a state of the art digital rights management platform which protects any copyrighted content made available through Lix from being tampered with, or extracted and illegally distributed.
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More than
digital textbooks from the biggest publishers worldwide
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