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Come visit us at our HQ in Aarhus. Our door is always open for a good cup of coffee.

Lix Technologies

Klamsagervej 23
8230 Åbyhøj
Denmark 🇩🇰
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Why we're here

Everything we do is with students’ needs and wants in mind. As it should be.
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Students can access your content wherever and whenever, on their preferred device.

Using Lix, they will get everything your content has to offer along with cross content search, notes, highlights and much more.

We believe in a world where global communities of connected learners can acquire exceptional knowledge in their chosen subjects more freely, more efficiently and more rewardingly than ever before.

What we do

We’re passionate about using our software expertise to help students perform better and realise their full potential.

We’re constantly exploring new ways to build on our unique learning technology so that we can deliver a continually improved learning experience.

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Our belief is that there are limitless ways we can innovate to make content more accessible, and learning more collaborative, personalised and fulfilling.

We're learning too

Our relationship with the academic community is fundamental to everything we create.

We’re continually learning from students, academics, publishers and government. Their insight and their needs guide how we build our learning technology, which challenges we focus on solving first and how we become the best we can at meeting the needs of tomorrow’s learners.

Olivia & Jacob from Lix
We always welcome a coffee break, and would love to hear how you imagine the future of learning to look.
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Making your content available for sale on Lix is completely free. We don’t apply a setup fee or any monthly charges.
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Content delivery security

Protecting all digital content hosted on and distributed via the Lix platform from tampering is crucial to our core business and that of our publishing partners.
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Content quotation security

The Lix Security Model is a state of the art digital rights management platform which protects any copyrighted content made available through Lix from being tampered with, or extracted and illegally distributed.
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